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Glenveagh National Park

Donegal’s Scenic Gold

Glenveagh National Park is one of six National Parks in Ireland. It is located on 16,000 hectares of land on the foothills of the stunning Derryveagh Mountains. The park officially opened in 1986 and has been a huge success among tourists and locals. The scenery at the park is like no other. The landscape is varied with bogland, woodland, freshwater and rocky precipices when all brought together the breathtaking scenery brings you to a calm place of appreciation and admiration.

The is also diverse wildlife in Glenveagh the most famous being the Golden Eagle. The best time to see these spectacular birds is on a short winters days and bringing binoculars is advised to see them clearly.

Glenveagh National Park is well prepared for visitors as they have a shuttle bus to bring you to the castle, a paved walk way for those who fancy a stroll over to the castle. There is also a seasonal option to hire a bike and cycle to the castle. Once you arrive at the castle you can admire the beautiful gardens that surround the building and stop in the cafe for a light snack.  The restaurant at the castle is also seasonal and runs from April to September.

The castle also run events which are a great alternative from your everyday holiday tours

Click here on Glenveagh National Parks Website for more information